The Summer EP

by Call Me: DANGER!

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released November 16, 2014

All songs written by Seth Danger & copyrighted via Dirty_Icon Records. All tracks produced, engineered, recorded, mastered & mixed by Dennis "Two Shoes" Schwartz at Tall Pine Acre Studio.

Seth Danger-Guitar, Drums, Vocals, and Bass on "Jane Foster, Thor Imposter"

Two Shoes- Bass, Mandolin, Trombone, Percussion, Whistling



all rights reserved


Call Me: DANGER! Reading, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: If You're Socially Awkward, Then I'm Kristen Stewart
I can feel it, it's getting closer
The sun is out and I don't feel alright
Get this over, I'm going crazy
Summer is up so close, it's in my sight

And now I can see it, it's all in your eyes
Mistakes that I made last night, regrets don't feel right

I don't wanna hear it, don't wanna talk about it
I just want some pacific air tonight
Pack my bags up, I'll hit the West Coast
I just want it to be summer all the time

I met your boyfriend, you treat him like me
But when he dumps you I'll have no sympathy
Because I am just the kid who doesn't agree
Getting laughed at by the varsity team
Track Name: You've Got A Friend In Robesonia
Your subtle ways, my cell phone rings
The words we write are for our eyes only
The drinks we down, our feelings out
My veins close tight as I'm falling back and down

You kicked me in the head as my heart fell to the floor
I lie still in my bed as I dream about her
Abandoned places we swore we would never go
Who I am hates everything I became

I walked away, you swore you'd stay
All the while you lied straight to my face
The sun it sank, in with a hurricane
The smoke chokes my lungs until I cannot breathe

In my head, we lied scissor shaped across your bed motionless
In my head, your arms fell to my...hips pressed against mine
In my head, you turned out the lights and said "...let's do this"
In my head, we lie awake in your bed as the lights go flash like the crash that led us into Hospital

The knife in my chest, my heart dies on the floor
The blood that I shed the oxygen I ignore
The lies we share lying in your bed
Who I am hates everything I became
Track Name: Descend To Decent
I know you'll be around
You know just what to say
I know you'll try to bring me down
Another night without innocence
Your words are synthetic, I'm just to pathetic
I don't wanna hear it right now

Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na Na
My self-esteem is blowing up

I know you'll be around
You know just what to say
So go ahead and bring me down
Tonight I'll call you out
Your words are synthetic, I'm just to pathetic
I don't wanna think of you right now
Track Name: Jane Foster, Thor Imposer
Why does he have to be so handsome?
She wants him...
Why can't I be like him?
Then I'd have you by my side
But she said "...I can't look into your eyes..."
"...all I see are my best friends staring back at me" she said

There's just something about her smile

That melts the inside of me
She looks so graceful
These days this girl is looking around for me
Track Name: Live Like Kings
I never knew her, my feelings concur
When I first saw her, I choke on my words
No one understands her, she's a force of nature
But on the inside she's softer, now can you blame her?

She cries over and over
Stupid guys that do nothing for her
But sometimes the words she wants to hear, I just cant say...
Please stay here

Maybe someday, she will find her way
Back into my arms, her gun far from her beautiful face
I understand her, when her fears they scare her
Having faith is the answer, to a brighter future

We can stay up all night long listening to our favorite songs
MxPx, Sum, Blink, Good Charlotte, Eleventyseven, and Freshman15
We can stay up all night long listening to our favorite songs
Red Car Wire, Man Overboard, Fall Out Boy, and All Time Low
Track Name: Summer Paradise
When the sun sets, is when I miss you
But at sunrise is when I kiss you
Everyday with you is a summer paradise (summer paradise)

When I look into your eyes and when I see your smile
It brightens up my day and makes wanna stay awhile
You're the waves to my ocean, I'm the sun in your sky
And when we are together I feel like dynamite

When I'm in your arms, I feel safe inside my head
And when I feel your kiss I get hot like infrared
You're the waves to my ocean, I'm the birds up in the sky
And when we are together I feel like I could fly
Track Name: Set Sail (On The Friend-Ship)
We met by accident, I know how old I am
Something weird's soon to begin
Picture perfect in my head
I can't wait to see this girl, her presence is beautiful
Friendship will rule the world
Dressed to kill so natural

January 6th is when we first talked
I got a request, and that's why we are friends

Look at us now, we've come so far, don't watch me fall
Into your arms, into your heart, and on the ground
You can help me pick up the pieces if you want
Look at us now we've come so far...

We talked on and off, interests are close enough
You care about my thoughts, I care for what you're not
I can't wait to see this girl, just to tell her she's beautiful
Friendship will rule the world, her eyes are magical